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About US

Incorporated in 2000, Community Response was awarded its first contract with the Department of Social Services, Children’s Division in March 2001. Our scattered site transitional housing program provided housing and support services to young adults, ages 18-24, transitioning from Missouri Foster care.  For over 15 years, Community Response maintained contracts with the Children’s Division as well as secured additional contracts with several agencies including Catholic Charities, Family Resource Center, Lutheran Children and Family Services, Youth in Need, Epworth, Great Circle and Every Child’s Hope.  


In 2004 and 2005, Community Response received expansion grants from the City of Saint Louis, Affordable Housing Commission, to provide similar services to young adults, ages 18-24, who were not in foster care.  

After over fifteen years of successful contracts and quality housing and support services to foster youth , Community Response has expanded our focus to include permanent housing options to former foster youth, military veterans and single parent households .  Our agency is now more than ever committed to our mission of continuing to provide innovative and permanent housing options to these deserving segments of our community.

From 2001 until April 2017, Community Response has armed approximately 400 foster youth with the self-sufficiency/life skills needed to become productive and independent members of our communities.


Effective May 1, 2017, Community Response has expanded our services to include former foster youth 21 and older and military veterans.

  • Serve  former foster youth ages 21-30, and Military Veterans

  • Develop single family homes for shared supportive living for 2-3 individual (a similar concept to the Independent Supportive Living concept currently being over for Department of Mental Health consumers)

  • All housing will be located near neighborhood amenities and transportation.

  • Assist with providing an extended safety net by providing wrap-around services including financial literacy education, Life/Social Skills instruction and mental health counseling

  • Provide homeowner education and services that prepare renters for home ownership

  • Provide lease to purchase housing opportunities for those meeting certain criteria.

Community Response is a HUD certified CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization). Our agency has demonstrated the ability to effectively maintain state government contracts and collaborate with social providers to help our clients attain the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to live as self-sufficient and production members of our community.

Community Response has established itself as a reputable provider of quality housing and support services to these under-served populations. 

Fact: Veterans are twice as likely to become chronically homeless than other Americans.

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